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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chew the gum, walk the runway.

I've fallen in love with yet another model. I say fallen, because that is exactly what happens, you fall. You fall into a massive pool of images, brought to you courtesy of You fall into the glossy eight page editorial they feature in. You fall into your bed at night, as thoughts of them creep into your mind. Okay, perhaps a little far?

Anyway, I have 'fallen' for a particular boy called George Craig. I am unsure about his age, though I suspect about 17 (I am too scared to research this, for fear the number of years will decline). He is the front-boy of a band called One Night Only - a rather horrendous Britpop band. He has broken into the fashion world by featuring in the new Burberry The Beat For Men campaign and also starred in the Burberry Prorsum Fall 09 show. One comment under the youtube clip of the Burberry show regarding George was "okay, what's with the weird-walking and shewing-gum (sic) dude?". Indeed, his walk is rather obnoxious, which is another reason why I like him.

Oh George, let's skip our homework and make out in the treehouse instead?


nylonheat said...

He's good but his band is sooooooooooooo bad.

Obsolete Antics? said...

Oh I know right. I could have used worse words than 'horrendous'. I was being nice....