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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mcqueen encapsulates modernism....once again

"One day, years ago... I was went through a magazine and saw pieces from Alexander Mcqueen's Fall 2009 Ready To Wear collection. I guess that was the point where I realised I wanted to be a part of the creation of fashion".

Alexander Mcqueen F2009RTW.

It's one of those moments where the designer has managed to explore so many different aesthetics, silhouettes and textures while remaining cohesive, without a rushed or exploitive feel. Black and white patterned houndstooth isn't new. Mixing black and white houndstooth patterns to create an illusion to the eye and further experimenting with the textures of fabrics to create a confusing, yet pleasing contrast is in this case, what serves to challenge and excite the mind. Black is enhanced by sharp cuts partnered with soft ruffles. Mcqueen's models adorn make-up that swallows the eyes and spits out the lips; bold, reminiscent of dolls, badly executed plastic surgery or a clowns smile.

A delicious combination of red is injected throughout the collection, aiding the visual illusion presented by the stark contrast between the symmetrical pattern and the rounded cut of the fabric. Finally from the bird patterned fabric pieces, emerges stiff silhouettes decorated entirely by feathers. Whether it's East or South, the only direction Mcqueen is flying is..... 

up, up....away?

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nylonheat said...

You beat me to it bitch!
It's such a good collection.