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Monday, December 14, 2009

The ReLaunch

About six weeks ago I was swept under the tumultuous panic and craziness that occurs around the ‘end of semester exams’ period. In this instance it led me to hastily announce that I would be moving all my web/fashion/photography inspirations into the digital domain of Tumblr. I have however made the decision to remerge onto Blogspot under my former identity of ‘Obsolete Antics’. I followed through with my promise of ‘more photos and more posts’ on Tumblr but truth be told it’s actually the commentary and attention to detail in curating specific posts that I miss, and with 3 uni free months ahead of me I now have the time to pay attention to that spectrum once more. My recent trip to New York City awoke me again to the incredible assortment and variance of all things amazing and has reignited my urge to be a part of it, even if through a small contribution that might only be shared among a very small scale.

I will still be keeping my Tumblr because I love having the ability to share thoughts with 3 clicks. But I will also be paying more attention to this blog with specific consideration to art, fashion and music.

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