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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Age of Technology - sippin' on virtual gin and juice.

I have a 'friend' on Twitter; we tweet to each other quite often. We have never met - I don't think.... we just have mutual friends. She has just commented under one of our mutual friends statuses which I had also commented on (her and I are not Facebook friends). I then commented back and all of a sudden, we had embarked on Facebook conversation. This is not someone that I met in a chatroom or some weird stamp-exchange forum. She obviously decided to follow me one day when she read my collection of witty, intelligent posts (perhaps she was a fan of my modesty?). Anyway, all I can say from this experience is that in this day and age, no one can complain of being lonely and no one should die without friends. There's no excuse! When we are old people we will meet our friends over the internet on some virtual world, and drink virtual teas with them, rather than meeting at the bowls club. Hell, I'm doing it now. And to my Twitter friend, if you're following me on Tumblr, or read my Blogspot, hiiii! I hope we embark on future virtual teas (or virtual gin and juice, either/or).

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